The Sonder Way

A different kind of company

We run our company in a different way. A company without managers with a strong trust in everyone’s ability to act in the best interest of the company. Together we run and develop Sonder with total trust in each other, with a great sense of responsibility for the whole organisation and through total transparency. Our purpose gives us a natural direction and strength to grow.

A company without managers

The key to create the organisations of the future is the belief that people both want to and can act in the best interest of the company. It is the foundation upon which we run and develop Sonder. While many companies leave this responsibility to the management team, we – who don’t have any managers – entrust all of our colleagues to take that responsibility. We witness on a daily basis the interrelationship between trust and responsibility. How trust excel the taking of responsibility and how those actions in turn increase the level of trust between people. Having witnessed that development, we no longer see the need for control systems.

A company where anyone can take any decision

Everyone takes active responsibility for seeing and acting on Sonder’s developmental needs. Our development work is conducted based on the principle “we try it out” and seek advice from each other when necessary. Decisions are made by anyone who needs to decide, often after asking a couple of colleagues for advice. When an issue concerns many, we bring it up in a common decision-making meeting, if needed using a structured decision making process involving the entire team. Our point of view is always that anyone can take any necessary decision, as long as it is for the best of our company.

A company where everything is transparent

A prerequisite for making goo decisions is access to all available information.  Therefore no secret decisions are taken behind closed doors and no files are locked. All information is available to everyone, including all financial data and our salaries.

We value transparency between people. We act without prestige and listen to each other and share ideas. We give and ask for feedback and are open to challenge our own way of thinking and our decisions. We are who we are – and we value differences and that everyone contribute his or her unique talents, strengths and drivers. For we know that we are always stronger together.

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