At Sonder, we are all leaders  


At Sonder we run our firm based on trust and self-leadership according to agile principlesDue to the size of our company and working conditions, we have been able to shape a governance system without managers and management team. Together we run and shape the path of our firm. The prerequisite of our work is full transparency and complete trust in each other´s ability to take responsibility for the greater wholeOur purpose gives us meaning and direction to continuously develop Sonder and ourselves in a natural way. 

Everyone works for the greater good of the firm 

The core of any agile organisation is the belief that people both have the ability to and are motivated to work for the best interest of the companyThis is also the foundation of how we run and develop our work at Sonder. We continue to see how trust between us breeds an increased sense of responsibility and how an increased sense of responsibility in turns reproduces trust. Therefore, control mechanism is no longer needed.   

We have the mandate to make decisions  

Each one of us have a responsibility to act when we experience that something can be improved at Sonder. Our way of working is to test and learn and we believe in co-creation. Decisions are trusted to be taken by the one in need of that decision; however, we encourage everyone to consult with one or two colleagues during the decision-making process. Decisions that may have bigger implications or affect the firm as a whole, are taken in an all-employee decision meeting or through a structured decision process with a larger number of people involved. Nevertheless, the baseline is that all employees have the mandate to make decision in the best interest of the firms when deemed necessary.  

Complete transparency  

A prerequisite for us to make wise decisions is that all of us have complete access to all available information. We have complete transparency in every decision-making process, and everything is open for full disclosure for everyone at Sonder, including financial information and salaries.  

In addition to that, we value transparency between and amongst ourselves. We work without prestige and we are always open to our colleagues’ thoughts and ideas. We both provide and seek  feedback and we are always prepared to re-evaluate our thought process or stance.  

We are real – and we value our differences, which we believe contributes and complements our collective strengths, abilities and driving forces. We firmly believe that we are stronger together.  

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