We believe in a new way to lead and organise


We are driven by an idea of the organisations of the future. Where complexity is embraced, rather than fought, by organisations. Organisations that are more collaborative and engaging than limiting and dividing. Adapting both continuously and naturally with renewal as well as innovation in their DNA.

Accomplishing this require challenging many of the assumptions that have given us norms and truths on how companies and organisations are to be led and organised. Assumptions that were formed during the  industrialisation where causality was linear and a few knowledgeable individuals was enough to take the important decisions.

Our view the organisations of the future

What is the basis of our idea? It can be précised with something as simple – yet as complex – as the people. The capability of humans with both the responsibility and mandate to act for a common purpose is great, but often untapped. We see the potential of it, but it demands a genuine trust in people. Trust in that they both will and can act in the best interest of the company. We also see the engagement and trust it creates. And the necessity of it when complexity and rate of change make it increasingly difficult to divide and predefine decision making processes.

We believe in collaborations still supported by roles and structures, but more network and needs based than divided and linear. “Who needs to think together” is simply more important than “who owns and thereby manages the issue”. We need leaders who inspire, build bridges and set the stage rather than make and follow up on decisions. Strategies and plans that are transparent and agile and follow-up for the purpose of learning and adapting instead of controlling and minimising deviations. And when looking at the world surrounding the organisation, we see flexible value networks that are based on common purposes and partnerships, not standardised agreements on deliverables.

All of this represent important elements of our view on organisations of the future, and on how we see that they need to work. Organisations that simply are formed with man as the starting point – instead of the other way around.

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