We work with your why – why you exist and where you want to go. For us it doesn’t matter if you call it purpose, vision or mission. Your why is important and can give you both direction and framework for innovation and development. We support you with the strategies for what you want to achieve.

Strategic alignment rather than a strategic plan

Today, business models are challenged to their core by changes brought by globalisation and digitalisation. In many cases this change the way organisations create value and customer satisfaction, i.g. through automation, digital delivery or through value networks.

A natural start when working with strategy is your purpose, why you exist and your contribution to society. With your purpose in mind, we create a common understanding about the future and strategic alignment regarding your next moves and choices. Long term goals and plans will be put aside.

A strategy needs to be useful. Your direction and clear priorities should guide your moves in both development and in everyday decisions. As part of our way of working with strategy, we work throughout the organisation to set goals and find new forms of follow up that put the focus on learning rather than reporting.

Creative ways of working on multiple levels

We use proven and creative ways of working to support both management teams and groups of employees. Many of our projects concern the strategy for the entire business. But we also have experience in creating strategies that focus on different areas like digitalisation, communication, sustainability or competence. Always with connection to the overall perspective.

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