Next level of employee driven growth

Our collaboration with Sankt Kors

Sankt Kors is a company assigned to promote development and growth in Linköping. Sankt Kors mainly fulfil their assignment by providing creative office spaces to start-ups and companies undergoing change. Below is an interview with Johan Kristiansson, CEO and the person responsible for the collaboration.

What was your challenge?

We had experienced av very strong growth of our business with good results during a number of years. The development of the organisation itself ran in parallel. An example of that development is that we dissolved the management team 18 months ago and found new forms to share responsibility among more people. But I still felt a need to advance further, to the next level. How do we make Sankt Kors a sustainably employee driven organisation?

Why did you choose Sonder?

I think that it is wise to use external support, not least to ask us the important questions and challenge us. At the same time has it proven difficult to find someone with a vision that is close to my own. When I heard about you and learned about what you stand for I felt “this correspond to what I believe in. I want this team as a partner in our development”.

What is your experience of the collaboration?

You are very good at finding out and see were we are, and to meet us there. In addition, you have the capability to help us advance – in the direction that we want and in the way we can manage. I have met so many consultants that don’t even try to understand were we are, making them unable to help us advance.

All consultants at Sonder I have worked with have had that ability and been both engaging, responsive and professional.

How do you feel that the collaboration has contributed to your organisation?

A part of the value creation has been that we have had a common and clear image of what possibilities we actually have. You have strengthened us in our experience and reasoning. We have at the same time gained insight, knowledge and tools on how to move on by ourselves. To take the next step in accountability and responsibility – where none even thinks “that is someone else’s responsibility”

Would you consider collaborating with Sonder again?

Our collaboration is not over yet. I demand to collaborate with you again.

Would you recommend others to collaborate with Sonder?

I gladly recommend Sonder, but not to any organisation. It is important to know yourself where you are going. If you share the same vision of the organisations of the future – then Sonder is an extraordinary partner.



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