We want new colleagues

Do you share our passion?

We want to grow. Simply because we want more people to join in on the development of the organisations of the future with us and our clients. We see that each new colleague contribute with new perspectives, experiences and unique capabilities that make our company even better.

For us is your personality important, that your values, attitudes and ambitions can meet ours. You will love working and develop at Sonder and  if you are prepared to take responsibility for your own and your company’s development, and if you believe that each assignment, situation and person you meet is worthy of your attention and understanding.

But regardless of how much we share the same purpose and like each other, you still need relevant consulting experience and competences that will be of use in our assignments. Read more about how we work together with our clients on services.

Working as a consultant today?

Do you want to be a part of the development of future organisations? We at Sonder always want to meet people who share our passion and can contribute to our purpose. Send an email to rekrytering@sonder.se and tell us about your ambitions and how you can contribute to the development of our clients’ organisations. Enclose your resumé.

Are you close to graduation?

Each autumn we take on an intern who wants to try consulting in practice. It is of course of equal imporance that your share our passion and is curiouse on how to develop future organisations. Send an email to rekrytering@sonder.se.