When you need to renew your business

Change is not a linear process that can be planned and controlled in detail. The bottom line is to get people to change views and behaviours. We help you to prepare for change and to create new insights, engagement and ownership of the change process throughout the organisation.

The time to change is now

A high rate of change together with increasing complexity in your business environment leave little room for big projects that drain the organisation of both energy and resources. We are convinced that successful change initiatives build upon a clear idea in which direction you need to go, and is then implemented in incremental steps that create customer value in every step. We need to stop viewing change management as a way to deliver something at a later stage, and instead consider it a method to allow experimenting and acting on new insights along the way.

Agile change management

We try to minimise the use of traditional models for project management and the controlling overhead that these bring with them. Instead we collaborate with you to build a structure for change that works more like a liaison office which will facilitatate communication and dialogue, and support the teams that create the real change.

Initially this office can work more operationally in order to create the platform for the work at hand. It can be to describe your purpose and vision for change, engage key people, and establish forms of cooperation. It is however important to allow the organisation to take ownership over the change process as early on as possible.

Let your change project be a chance to test new ways of leading and organising your business – with a greater degree of self leadership and a more dynamic organisation.

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