For Future Organisations

Sonder develop new ways to lead and organise

Our passion is to develop organisations that are open, adaptable and engaging for people. Organisations that harness the potential of customers, partners and employees and have the capacity to evolve in line with an ever changing world.

All consultants at Sonder have solid experience from management consulting, which we use when we help create the organisations of the future.


Sonder is a consultancy with a mission to develop the organisations of the future. We believe in a new management paradigm and new ways to lead and organise. This also guides us when we run our own company - the Sonder way.

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We are management consultants. Our role is to support you when you want to change the way you lead, manage, organise and develop your company. This is something we have done for more than 20 years. Today we do it from a new management paradigm, and a shared idea about the future of organisations. It's our compass when we create solutions together with clients and partners that share our view.

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