Working on organisational values

Our collaboration with PRV

The Swedish Patent- and registration office, PRV, is the authority for intellectual property and work with cutting edge ideas which strengthen Sweden’s growth and competitiveness.

Sonder was entrusted to together with PRV realise a project on the values of the organisation. Read more about what Gunilla Ström (HR-manager and acting Director-general) has to say about our collaboration below.

What were your challenge?

To realise a project on organisational values with the participation of all employees. The work needed to be done properly – without embellishment. The envisioned result was a number of sentences or words that could be related to other documents and guidelines. Prior to starting, we knew that the result would be concentrated on behaviours.

Why did you choose Sonder?

Among those consultancies we met with, Sonder was the consultancy that appeared to be the most experienced within the specific area, who listened to and understood our needs, was available both in time and mentally. That was where Sonder stood out. Your competitors had a broader proposal that was too public and anonymous.

How do you feel that the collaboration contributed to your organisation?

We managed to define a set of values in a relatively short time-frame. You facilitated the project and made sure that meetings and processes were planned and executed. You provided experiences from other organisations where you had performed similar assignments which strengthened my beliefs that we were on the right way in our thinking.

What did you appreciate in particular with the collaboration with Sonder?

Sonder noticed our needs, were responsive to our thinking, available and not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the heavy work, such as handling the hundreds of comments from employees. I appreciate that you did both the strategic and a lot of the other work as well. Experience from similar assignments was very important for us. You were very nice and not as  “consulty” as other consultants can be.



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